Protect & restore our California Redwood forests with a Planting of a small tree in one of California’s state parks.

Switch over to the 100% recycled paper products we offer thru Wausau Paper & Kimberly Clark.

Minimum purchase is 50 cases a month.

Bakker & Son will then sponsor a planting of a small Redwood in a California state park in your name.

Receive a card commerating your participation in the planting.

Also receive for free the Monthly magazine ‘Redwood Matters’ that explores the beautiful Redwood forests of California.

For participation in this program please email your request to
Customer service at: kEncEmaildvtupnfs/tfswjdfAcbllfsboetpo/dpn

Smith River, the last major free flowing river in California. Trees include the coast redwood, western hemlock, Sitka spruce, grand fir and Douglas fir. Jedediah Smith State Park, California, USA