Preferred Contract Features:


Bakker & Son combines all the contracts available to your facility,
Extracts out the best prices available for each of your products
Lowers your costs on all 5000 items.
Eliminates all administrative & handling fees.
Bakker & Son warehouses and delivers directly to you.
Saving your facility on average 27.8% 

Benchmark Pricing:

Your contract pricing is available to all your facilities and departments.

Full Line Contract transparency:

Your Contract pricing extends to all quality levels of our products,
Insuring you the best choice and lowest costs all the time.

Supply Chain Efficiency via E-Portal

All departments and facilities can order 24 hrs a day,
directly via the secure e-portal
with full confidence of their contract pricing and direct delivery.
improving resource management.

G/L accounting codes can be assigned to particular items and
orders simplifying  your accounting processing.

Intuitive E-Procurement ordering

Intuitive image based order & report processing.
simplifying, expediting and streamlining the order process.

Order & Budget Analytics

Numerous reporting options for fast and easy evaluations.
Centralized tracking of transactions.
Analyze, review & control costs with website reports

Custom Contract Coordinator.

Direct contact with: customer service, technical advice and order
processing personnel, for fast & accurate solutions.